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Thanks to the efforts of author Randy Wayne White and Doc Ford's Cuba Expeditions I was afforded the opportunity to not only get to Cuba but to experience it from the vantage point of an experienced team that is both well traveled and well connected.

              -Randy Wells, Three-time DFCE Traveler 

"Your itinerary was excellent.  We all could have wandered around Havana for months or forever without seeing what you had laid out for us."

 -Larry and Jackie Sims, DFCE Plank Members

"I could not have planned or hoped for a better group of Doc Ford / Cuba fans to spend this awesome adventure with! I also made some new Cuban friends who were more than welcoming."

-Tom Braciszweski, DFCE Plank Member 

"Our group was small, but we all jelled like we had been friends forever, and we were all amazed at how knowledgable Yovani was about the history of his country." 

-Mark Oliverio, DFCE Plank Member

Meet Justin White, PhD, President of Doc Ford's Cuba Expeditions. At a young age, Justin first began traveling to Central America with his father during the time that Randy was often writing for Outside Magazine. Languages came easy for him. He spent a year in Costa Rica and year in Mexico focusing on language learning, mainly. Read more about Justin, here: Justin White

Meet Randy Wayne White, Author of many New York Times best selling books including some of his most recent, Seduced, Deep Blue, and Cuba Straits. Randy's adventures and research have taken him all over the world covering topics in history, archeology, anthropology, and politics, among others. With respect to Cuba, Randy has a history of traveling to the island since 1977. Read more about Randy, here: Randy Wayne White



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