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“I have no choice but to believe in free will."  
- Tomlinson 
Randy Wayne White, The Mangrove Coast


Masonic Muesuem Havana

The Masonic Musuem in Havana perhaps harbors more history than other more well-known and frequently-visited places in the city. The walkway bordered with the busts of former presidents from various nations you see in the image to the left is located at the entrance of the museum. The history only starts here. The museum's keeper provides an overview of Masonry and a detailed tour of the most intriguing pieces in the musuem. Ask any questions you like - most can be answered. 


For an insight into the Masonic Museum, read Randy Wayne White's piece in Fodor's Travel, available through the following link: 

Five Things to do in Cuba - Randy Wayne White - Fodor's Travel 

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