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Doc Ford's Cuba Expeditions trains and employs only the best and most knowledgeable support staff on the island. Each and every one of the Cuban staff members has formal university education and have made careers in other areas of the State or private sector. Our principal team in Cuba-includes a lawyer, a museum curator and historian, a formally trained guide, and a UNESCO architect. 

Our expeditions introduce you to Cuba including the surrounding areas of Havana from Cojimar to Viñales. You will meet real Cuban living icons and learn about Cuban history and culture. 

We specialize in Educational Tours of Cuba and we will process visas for Educational / People-to-people purposes. Both of these purposes are LEGALLY permitted by the US Government. 


We have expertise in Literature, Culture, History (both pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary), Maritime history, Architecture, Spanish language, and Law. The focus of our tours is on educating our travelers in small groups on many aspects of Cuba. We provide experts in various fields of expertise so that you can learn as much about Cuba during your stay. 


Our focus is education and learning of many aspects of language and culture. Interested and engaged individuals, students and faculty of educational institutions, all rave about our expeditions and their educational and personal value. Our expeditions are unique in many respects and offer an inside view of Cuba that is unlike any 'tours', especially the sanctioned large-group tours operated by the State run companies of Cuba. We provide real educational and learning experiences. 


We follow all of the US laws in our purposes and events on our trips - Educational purposes as recently announced by President Obama are valid and legal purposes of travel to Cuba. 


Come with us and explore the ins-and-outs of Cuba. This is the deeper experience. 

We pride ourselves in providing you with safe and dependable guides and chauffeurs for all group sizes that will be with you for the hours that you need them. Some of our guides have worked security and none of them ever tire. 

Each and every guide and staff member holds an advanced degree and has been trained in aspects of Cuban history and culture. They will speak openly with you about socio, economic, and cultural asects of Cuba. 

We offer a high staff to traveler ratio, something that is uncommon in this industry. We want you to feel that your needs are met and you are taken care of during the entirety of your trip. If you have special requests, let us know. 

Your specialized interests can be met and exceed your expectations. We have been known to contract out Chief architects, Historians, Literary Professors, Economists, Artists, Photographers, among others to accompany you on your expedition. 

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