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Interested in traveling with a group?

If you are a single or group of travelers that would like to travel with other interested people of Cuba, then this is for you. Send us an e-mail with your interest (and any specialized interests you may have) along with your ideal travel dates. We will do our best to make those dates work for you by inquiring with other travelers about those particular dates. This type of group formation travel makes for an overall wonderful experience for all of those involved.


Long-lasting friendships have been made through our Pre-arranged group travels. 

We put together a historical and cultural itinerary that is much like our HISTORY EXPEDITION (SEE HERE). 

Lodging: We have options for lodging for Pre-selected Dates Expeditions including our comfortable and secure Bed and Breakfast location in Cojimar with an amazing patio and beautiful sunrises. We also have a Bed and Breakfast in Vedado with a jacuzzi, roofed patio, and a restaurant on the ground floor. We can also make reservations at hotels, pending availability. Our preference and honest recommendation - stay at the B&Bs, experience Cuba the way that Cubans do, and interact with the owners of these growing entrepreneurial initiatives. Meet our trustworthy Cuban friends and take advantage of the opportunities to talk with them. 

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